Minnesota Libraries Win Historical and Cultural Heritage Grants

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Thanksgiving 2012 came just a few days belatedly for 53 libraries, historical societies, heritage groups, and like-minded organizations throughout Minnesota. On Tuesday, Nov. 27, the Minnesota Historical Society gave yet another reason to be thankful, announcing the newest round of recipients of coveted Minnesota Historical and Cultural Heritage grants.

Seven of those 53 are library systems or branches – most of them MALF members.

Three recipients – the Great River Regional Library system, the Blue Earth Community Library in Faribault County, and the Wabasso Public Library in Redwood County – will receive $6,500-$7,000 to install microfilm and microfiche readers in their facilities. The stated goal is to make primary source materials (particularly those chronicling the history of the local area) easily accessible to the public at large....

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United for Libraries Announces “Citizens-Save-Libraries” Campaign Partnership

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This summer, MALF hosted “Drafting the Blueprint,” a series of workshops aimed at helping library supporters throughout Minnesota marshal the resources at their disposal to effectively lobby on behalf of their local library.

One key takeaway for all participants in each session can be summed up as follows: libraries come in all shapes and sizes and serve a variety of purposes and audiences, but none can be a valuable community resource over the long term without effective advocacy.

“Citizens-Save-Libraries,” a new campaign hosted by United for Libraries (formerly ALTAFF) and funded by the Neal-Schuman Foundation, is proof positive that this most fundamental lesson is as true on the national library scene as it is in Minnesota. Read the details to learn more.

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Donate to MALF Nov. 15 – GiveMN’s Annual “Give to the MAX” Day!

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One of MALF's core objectives is to facilitate communications between and help share resources among the many Friends of Libraries organizations in Minnesota. Central to that mission is the notion of collaboration. In other words - as is the case with so many non-profits, of all types and sizes - the more you put into it, the more you get out!

To this end, there are a number of ways library friends, staff and trustees can engage with MALF. In fact, these are as many as they are varied: Follow and converse with us on social media. Share a fact sheet or library-related happening that might be of interest to the state's library and literary community. Submit a bid for our annual Evy Nordley Best Project Award.

Another excellent way you can contribute to the continued vitality of MALF is by making a financial donation.

While such support is, of course, appreciated year round, there’s no better time to give than Thursday, November 15 – GiveMN’s annual “Give to the MAX” Day. Make preparations to donate now, or read the details below. 

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How to Celebrate United for Libraries' 'Friends of the Libraries Week' All Year Long

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Last week, Friends of the Library organizations across the country held special events in conjunction with Friends of the Libraries Week. From thank you receptions in Alabama and Alaska to book sales in Wisconsin and Wyoming, October 21-27 offered a snapshot of the vibrant support network that bolster America’s 9,000 public libraries and 90,000 school libraries.

The 2012 celebration marked the seventh year that ALTAFF (The Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends & Foundations, a division of the American Library Association) has hosted and promoted this growing event. It is the first time, however, that the group has done so under its new name: United for Libraries.

The new organizational name is appropriate. It says something about the group’s intentions and hopes for campaigns such as the Friends of the Libraries Week.  It is intended as much more than a self-contained, seven-day window set aside to give perfunctory thanks to the library staff and volunteers in your local community. It is also an opportunity to share fundraising, advocacy, and programming ideas with Friends groups all across America.

To this end, MALF is pleased to pass on the news that United for Libraries has just opened the nomination window for what it is calling the “National Friends of Libraries Week Award.” Friends groups that coordinated special events or programs at any point October 21-27 are encouraged to share the details with United for Libraries. 

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