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With an easy return to pre-pandemic “normalcy” seeming less and less likely, more and more libraries are doubling down on virtual storytimes for their youngest patrons. Large and nationally reputed libraries like New York City and San Francisco have enjoyed the limelight over the past several months for their rapid adoption and perfection of this new style of programming. However, as parents and tots across central Minnesota can attest, the Friends of the Brainerd Public Library have been right there with the Big Boys from the beginning.

brainerd.pngThe beginning, for all intents and purposes, was mid-March 2020. Long-time board member Sheila DeChantal landed on the concept as the perfect way to keep kids engaged with their Library during the unprecedented facility closure.

In a lightning fast turnaround, “Reading with Friends” moved from idea stage to implementation after just one brainstorm meeting and several frenzied calls with possible readers.

Fortunately for DeChantal, she had a ready short list of qualified prospects to tap. For the past eight years, The Friends in Brainerd have coordinated Wine and Words – a hugely successful gala featuring popular authors hailing from across Minnesota and beyond. Wine and Word “alumni” including Barbara Claypole White, Kristina McMorris, and Heather Gudenkauf volunteered to take early shifts. DeChantal herself took the inaugural morning slot on March 23, with the apropos selection “The Night Library” by David Zeltser.

Hungry for content, families tuned in – to the tune of 200-1,200 hits per episode. These impressive figures factor in views of recordings available after the time of original broadcast. Ready availability of that archive is a prime reason that The Friends tapped Facebook Live for their livestream needs.

facebooklive.pngThese numbers augured well. “While we did not place ads, we received newspaper and radio coverage for what we were doing, because it was one of the first programs back up and running in our community after COVID hit,” explained DeChantal.

Once the program gained momentum in this way, volunteers came out of the woodwork to apply. Between March and May, readers representing community organizations as diverse as the YMCA, United Way, and Brainerd Lakes Chamber of Commerce put themselves forward. Naturally, library staff and Friends leaders also took a turn – or two.

Daily story times (excluding Sundays) concluded May 2. During this run, nearly 70 videos racked up an impressive 27,881 hits. Moreover, the Friends of the Brainerd Public Library grew their Facebook following nearly 50 percent: from 724 to 1,059.

In other ways, the dividends are harder to quantify. “We now have people checking in to see what we’re doing next,” DeChantal noted. The Friends parlayed some of that interest into views in their summer experiment: a series of Brown Bag Virtual Author Visits featuring award-winning novelists like Peter Geye, Brian Freeman, and Sarah Stonich.

fial.jpgIn addition to more than 350 brick-and-mortar public libraries, Minnesota is home to dozens of bookmobiles and outreach stations. Satellite service sites like these are necessary to extending regular library service to residents in Minnesota’s most rural areas. The compact Isanti Outreach Library (part of the East Central Regional Library) is a perfect example.

Outsiders could be forgiven for not expecting anything beyond the minimum from Isanti Outreach Library. It is tucked into one corner of Isanti City Hall, has just one computer terminal, and is open only four hours a week. In many ways, however, this Library hits beyond its weight class. The Friends of the Isanti Area Library (FIAL) and their periodic book sales are one reason why.

While book sales are of course a Friends fundraiser staple, we’re not aware of any before now that have been held in a bowling alley!  

It wasn’t always this way. Lacking spaces within their modest Library to organize and display materials, FIAL hosted their first five annual sales inside a member’s home. Once the materials on offer approached 4,000 (in a town of 5,200, mind you!), this venue became untenable.

Mike Warring, owner Bowling Junction, sits on the board of the Friends. For the sixth annual sale – held in February 2019 in conjunction with I Love to Read Month – the Friends set up shop at this popular community establishment on the north side of Isanti.

FIAL Book Sale MW.jpegWishing to optimize the added square footage and “plus” the event, FIAL invited area authors to set up tables around the periphery of the book sale for meet-and-greets and signings.

This move drew book lovers who do not frequent book sales as a general rule. FIAL’s strategic pricing structure also drew in browsers from every adjoining county and beyond.

“We sold all materials for 25 cents each. When asked why we didn’t charge more, we reminded people that our primary goal is getting books into the hands of citizens – making money is secondary. For example, I saw one mother with three children at the sale. She told them they could each choose only one book, because that’s what she could afford. If we charged even 50 cents, those children could have missed out.”

At the same time, however, volunteers manning checkout encouraged buyers able to do so to donate to FIAL beyond this base fee. Consequently, revenue on the 1,700 items sold was substantial by the standards of a rural outreach library.

FIAL will use the proceeds in expand their community reach in the coming year. Among other uses, they intend to purchase Give & Take Bookshelves (somewhat like a Little Free Libraries) for installation within various community businesses.

Some say that it’s not about what you know, but who you know. However, any such distinctions are moot for husband-and-wife team and Marine Library Association stalwarts Gayle Knutson and Jim Maher. Their latest passion project, “River Radio,” is the newest initiative to come out of an unconventional Library with a long track record for creativity.

river-radio.jpgMarine Community Library is one of only a handful of volunteer-run public libraries in the Upper Midwest. Although formerly part of the Washington County Library system, the Library reconstituted itself as a Friends of the Library operation after budget belt-tightening threatened its closure in 2011. While small in square footage, the Marine Community Library offers most of the services available at larger and more conventionally funded libraries.

Knutson and Maher are prominent among the residents who regularly contribute their time and talents to the Library’s operations. In fact, Maher is currently chairperson of the Association’s board of directors.

Providentially, both Friends are also veterans of the radio world. After the heightening coronavirus pandemic brought normal operations to an abrupt halt in March, the pair decided to deploy their skills in service to the Library. With assistance from fellow Friends, they hatched “River Radio” – named in homage to Marine’s location along the St. Croix River.

Ingeniously, the partners realized that you don’t need FM airwaves – or even a true station – to pull off a successful radio show. They invest just a few bucks a month into a Zoom videoconference subscription, which they tap for its reliable audio recording and broadcasting capabilities.

River Radio debuted on March 28, and new episodes have debuted weekly ever since. Featured subjects truly run the gamut, and this impressive topical diversity is matched by guest speakers’ credentials in their respective fields. Knutson and Maher have welcomed Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, NPR/MPR senior economics reporter Chris Farrell, and award-winning folk musician John Gorka. Other guests to date have included the mayors of Marine and Scandia, University of Minnesota specialists in economics and epidemiology, and representatives from the National Park Service and varied history and culture institutions.

_logoSmall.jpgUnsurprisingly, given the origins of River Radio, speakers from area libraries and bookstores are also frequent guests of Knutson and Maher.

As you can glean from that line up, the program offers timely content on the unfolding COVID-19 crisis – as well as much needed diversions.

“We feel that River Radio has had great impact on the wellbeing of the Marine community, offering at least something from the Library during the continuing closure,” explained Loralee DiLorenzo, vice chair of the Marine Library Association. On-air surveys, available through Zoom to listeners who tune in live, corroborate the sentiment.

Fortunately for residents of Marine – and really, anyone in or even beyond Washington County who cares to tune in – River Radio is likely to stick around. “The Library is considering offering occasional episodes for part of the summer, and then a more regular schedule again in the fall.”

Fall is traditionally MALF’s “busy” season, and we’re not about to let COVID-19 get in the way of that! ICYMI: Join us the morning of September 19 for the inaugural – and fully virtual – “Saturday Splash” mini-conference.

New York Times bestselling novelist William Kent Krueger will keynote and emcee the festivities, which will run from 10 a.m. to about noon. Krueger, best known to many for his chart-topping Cork O’Connor mystery series, will offer a keynote talk on the timeless power of storytelling. An audience Q&A will follow.

Next, MALF will introduce our three
 2020 Evy Nordley Award finalists. Representatives from the Friends of the Library in Brainerd (“Virtual Storytimes”), Marine on St. Croix (“River Radio”) and Isanti (“Bowling Junction Book Sale”) will recap the planning and implementation of their innovative and replicable 2019-2020 projects, before Krueger announces the big winner. Top prize is $1,000.

MALF will cap off Saturday Splash with a celebration of our 2020 class of Stand Up for Standout Friends. Each year since 2016, we have honored local movers and shakers whose dedication and energy help their Friends group and Library excel. 
“Saturday Splash” is completely free to attend, but advance registration is requiredPlease do so by September 12 (i.e., one week before the event) at the latest.

Last week, the Minnesota Center for the Book hosted a panel of six Black writers (contributing essayists to the seminal 2016 anthology A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota) for the capstone event of the summer’s One Book | One Minnesota statewide read initiative. It was an eye-opening, poignant – and at times, sobering – look at the past and present of race in the North Star State.

You can watch the panel (ft. authors Taiyon Coleman, Shannon Gibney, David Lawrence Grant, Carolyn Holbrook, IBé, Andrea Jenkins, and A Good Time for the Truth collection editor Sun Yung Shin) here.

Inspired by what you hear, and want to cater a similar program to your community? You can!

With a topic as broad and as sensitive as racism, brave and honest conversations can be difficult to start. In recognition of this fact, organizers have curated lists of authors/speakers and discussion facilitators for libraries, Friends groups, and private workplaces to turn to for assistance.

This list includes 13 of the A Good Time for the Truth essayists, including Minnesota Book Award winners Heid E. Erdrich, Diane Wilson and Kao Kalia Yang – plus most of the names listed above. (See the complete list
 here.) Each is ready and eminently qualified to lead your group through a productive conversation around race and racism… through Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, or any number of other virtual tools. 

Click here for further details, including honorarium recommendations for invited speakers. 

Note: If you are an active member of MALF, your Friends are encouraged to consider our Chris D. Olson Event & Programming Grant as a means to cover some (and very possibly, all) expenses attendant with such a program.

Recruiting talented, invested and diverse leaders is a challenge for any all-volunteer enterprise – even in the best of times. And these are far from the best of times.

That’s not the only pain point, either. Once on board – pardon the pun – new recruits need to be trained in. It sounds so basic, but MALF routinely fields queries from Friends board members confused about their role, responsibilities, and restrictions. This onboarding, or lack thereof, often reflects grey areas in a board’s policies and practices more generally.

If this is resonating, you might find value in MALF’s on-demand webinar Library Leadership Cultivation - During COVID-19, and Beyond.

Dozens of Friends joined us earlier this summer (virtually, of course!) for this live, free event keynoted by subject matter expert Mary Jo Wimmer. Principal consultant at Trillium Leadership Development and a senior trainer for the Blandin Foundation, Wimmer has coached scores of not-for-profits and civic bodies across Greater Minnesota on recruitment and leadership best practices.

Library Leadership Cultivation hinges around what Wimmer calls her Five Major Responsibilities, or pillars, of board excellence. Click here to watch the webinar on YouTube – and be on the lookout for news about MALF’s next 2020 webinar, coming soon to a screen near you!

MALF Announces COVID-19 Grant Recipients | Pt. 3

Posted by jim on August 13, 2020

Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor, MALF was able to expand our members-only COVID-19 Response Grant program to five more Friends groups (on top of our original slate of ten recipients)! They are:  

willmar.png11. Friends of the Willmar Public Library
Last summer, the Friends of the Willmar Public Library coordinated their first author gala. Featuring beloved Minnesota authors like William Kent Krueger and Kao Kalia Yang, the inaugural Wisdom and Wine netted $5,000 from a sellout crowd of more than 175 bibliophiles. Before the pandemic put the breaks on the 2020 sequel, the Friends had looked forward to hosting Faith Sullivan and Leif Enger. While this stellar line-up may come to fruition at some later date, MALF’s grant will cover projected summer reading and community read expenses for the Willmar Public Library in the meantime.

12. Friends of the Virginia Public Library
Virginia.jpgThe small Virginia Public Library, located halfway between Duluth and the Canadian border, leans heavily on its Friends group to offset a wide range of expenses. Proceeds from biannual Friends book sales go towards the library's summer reading program for area children; "Hot Reads for Cold Nights" winter programming for adults; and the popular Queen City Reads community initiative. Given the trajectory of the pandemic, it is likely that at least two – and maybe more – book sales will be cancelled before some manner of normalcy returns. MALF’s grant will cover part of the budgetary shortfall.

13. Marine Library Association
marine.jpgMarine Community Library is an all-volunteer enterprise – one of only a few operating in the Midwest. Needless to say, it is funded in a fairly unconventional way. As such, it is particularly vulnerable to the trials and travails of the pandemic. MALF's grant will assist greatly with Phase II of the Library's reopening plan, which requires a variety of structural changes to the facility (one of the oldest public buildings in Minnesota still used for public purposes). Purchases will include plexiglass barriers for the volunteer desk, hand sanitizer and disposable gloves, and other sanitation supplies.

14. Friends of the Lakeville - Heritage Library
lakeville.jpgWhile the doors of the Lakeville Heritage Library (Dakota County Library) may be closed and its services limited, the Friends want to make sure that residents retain some connection to this valued public resource. As one means to that end, the Friends are kickstarting a virtual book club. This move brings with it implementation and publicity expenses, albeit modest ones. In addition, the Friends are considering a wide-ranging awareness campaign targeted at Lakeville residents of all ages. Among other inexpensive giveaways, they will distribute Friends- branded chalk to children.

15. Friends of the Saint Cloud Public Library
StCloud2.jpgIt's not unusual for the Friends of the Saint Cloud Library to raise more than $50,000/yr for Great River Regional Library. Much of this income comes from an on-site bookstore that is one of the best kept secrets in Stearns County. When the pandemic shuttered the Library, however, it also closed down this year-round source of revenue. In a normal year, much of the Friends’ proceeds go towards children’s programming and achievement prizes. Expecting a singularly strange school year, the Friends will use MALF’s grant to ensure at least a modicum of normalcy remains for Saint Cloud’s younger residents.

Join Us September 19 for 'Saturday Splash'!

Posted by jim on August 7, 2020



COVID-19 has had a distressing ripple effect within public libraries, forcing the closure of buildings and wholesale cancellation of programs. Friends' activities, including MALF’s, are by no means excluded from this tsunami wave. If all had gone to plan, 2020 would have been a year jam-packed with workshops and seminars across the state.

In lieu of these in-person opportunities, MALF is preparing to make a splash (in a positive way) next month. Please join us the morning of September 19 for the inaugural and fully virtual “Saturday Splash.”

kent.pngNew York Times bestselling novelist William Kent Krueger will keynote and emcee the festivities, which will run from 10 a.m. to about noon. Krueger, best known to many for his chart-topping Cork O’Connor mystery series, will kick off the program with a keynote talk on the timeless power of storytelling (and the role libraries play in preserving and spreading stories). An audience Q&A will follow.

Next, MALF will introduce our three 2020 Evy Nordley Award finalists. Representatives from the Friends of the Library in Brainerd (“Virtual Storytimes”), Marine on St. Croix (“River Radio”) and Isanti (“Bowling Junction Book Sale”) will recap the planning and implementation of their innovative and replicable 2019-2020 projects, before William Kent Krueger announces the big winner. Top prize is $1,000.

MALF will cap off Saturday Splash with a celebration of our 2020 class of Stand Up for Standout Friends. Each year since 2016, we have honored local movers and shakers whose dedication and energy help their Friends group and Library excel. We would hate for this popular recognition program to go dormant, and so are happy to transition it to the virtual space!

Saturday Splash is completely free to attend, but advance registration is required. Please do so by September 12 (i.e., one week before the event) at the latest.


NOTE: After you click SUBMIT, you should see "Webinar Registration Approved" in blue lettering. This confirms reservation of your spot on September 19. You will NOT receive an email at time of registration. However, MALF will send reminders to attendees as we draw close to the date. (Feel free to make a record of the Webinar ID and Join Link at the bottom of the confirmation screen, but know that these details will be provided again in those forthcoming MALF emails.)

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