Dollar General opened more than a dozen new Minnesota stores in 2022, on top of a similar number in 2021. Odds are - if it wasn’t before - your Library is now located within 20 miles of the nearest Dollar General. This makes you eligible for a youth literacy grant from the Dollar General Literacy Foundation!

As the name suggests, so-called “Youth Literacy Grants” provide funding to schools, public libraries, and nonprofit organizations (including 501c3 incorporated Friends) to help students who are reading below grade level - or experiencing other difficulties reading. Specific, recommended uses include:

    ●  Implementing new or expanding existing literacy programs
    ●  Purchasing new technology or equipment to support literacy initiatives
    ●  Purchasing books, materials or software for literacy programs

Up to $4,000 is available to eligible organizations. Application deadline is Thursday, April 27 – so don’t delay. Click here to access the application form and related materials. Winners will be announced on or by Thursday, August 17.

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