Speaking of fundraising: We’re a week out from national Library Giving Day, the newest “holiday” on our shared fundraising calendar.

Five years ago, the Seattle Public Library Foundation established Library Giving Day as a way to drum up donor interest in library causes during the oftentimes slow spring months. It is scheduled to coincide with, or be in close proximity to, National Library Week.

Since its inception in 2019, more than 450 library organizations have taken part in some way (with cumulative donations exceeding $5,000,000). Last year alone netted $1,600,000 across 87 reporting participants – not bad for the “slow” season.

Taking part in Library Giving Day can be as low or as high-effort as you choose. Organizers have created a downloadable toolkit complete with branding and messaging strategies, customizable templates, and more. You will also find replicable case studies, sample social media posts, and more on their new “Ideas and Inspiration page (here).

When the big day (April 4) arrives, be sure to use the official hashtag #LibraryGivingDay and to report your local campaign results to the Library Giving Day team (here).

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