Winston Churchill once opined that: “You make your living by what you get – but you make your life through what you give.” If judged by that yardstick, many Friends of the Library among us are leading an extremely rich lifestyle.

As a support organization for the whole of Minnesota, MALF is privileged to regularly hear stories about volunteers across the state who go above and beyond in service to their local Friends of the Library. This takes many forms. Last year alone, standout achievers rejuvenated (in one case, doubled) paid memberships. Others poured time and passion into brand new fundraisers. In at least two cases, volunteers even took on the herculean task of establishing a Friends nonprofit from scratch!

Most of these “Standout Friends” remain unsung heroes. In 2016, the Minnesota Association of Library Friends created its annual Stand Up for Standout Friends program as a chance to spotlight and celebrate volunteers who go above and beyond. Over the past 7 years, we have officially recognized no fewer than 90 honorees through video montages, conference presentations, letters to local elected officials, and other coordinated efforts.

Stand Up for Standout Friends is officially back for 2023. It’s likely to hold distinction as the year we celebrate our 100th award winner, and we want YOU to help add to the class.

Every member group active in MALF is invited to put forward the name of one individual for this special annual honor, in thanks for standout efforts in furtherance of their work and mission. What makes them qualified? Suggested evaluation criteria are listed on our website; but ultimately, it’s up to you!

Click here to learn more, and here to access the 2023 application form.

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