Recent studies calculate the nationwide, averaged value of volunteer time at an eye-popping $31.80 – per hour. Let’s use that as the basis of a thought experiment. By our most cautious count, our member network here at the Minnesota Association of Library Friends boasts a collective reach of more than 19,000 library-lovers across our great state. If each of these Friends of the Library volunteered just one hour of time to their group in 2023, that would ladder up to an instant $604,200 investment in our libraries!

We all know that this math is extremely conservative. Friends groups are usually powered by “worker bees” who put in more volunteer hours than we (or they!) can calculate. Even so, this little mental exercise helps to contextualize the massive, sustained contributions Friends provide each year to support their local libraries.

MALF’s raison d'être, simply put, is to help you do this better. We connect Friends of the Library – both to one another and to grants, educational opportunities, and other resources intended to benefit our work. However, MALF’s efforts count for little without YOUR involvement with the organization and our mission.

In that spirit, we hope you will renew your membership (or just maybe, join us for the first time) for calendar/membership year 2024. Dues are just $20/yr for individuals and $35/yr for Friends groups – of all sizes! Watch for renewal letters to hit your mailbox this week. Alternatively, you can fill out a form online and submit dues via PayPal:

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Direct any questions about membership benefits or your status to 651-366-6492 or

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