Fundraising is no easy thing, even for dedicated professionals who do it full time. It’s more daunting still for all-volunteer Friends of the Library, who ordinarily have far less expertise and experience to tap.

If giving campaigns are something you’ve struggled with in the past – or not even begun to explore – take a look at Library Giving Day. Brainchild of the Seattle Public Library Foundation, this one-day giving “holiday” is devoted solely to library causes and coincides with National Library Week. Last year, more than 500 organizations from across the country took part!

Wednesday, April 3 marks the sixth annual Library Giving Day. If you missed out on the fun in seasons past, now is the time to lay groundwork. Visit the initiative’s website for access to an array of free resources tailor-made for fundraising beginners: tips webinars, template promotional and campaign materials, logo graphics, and more.

If you participate, be sure to report your campaign results in the official Library Giving Day portal after the fact. This allows organizers and participants to gauge the growth of the event over time.

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