Every public library in Minnesota benefits from State funds earmarked for interlibrary loan service (ILL), online database access, and special programming featuring authors and educators. These are just three of a dozen ways in which state dollars impact local library service.

Crucial services like these are easy to take for granted - but we do so at our own peril. Without continued support in the state legislature, there is no guarantee that the government will sustain libraries in this way in perpetuity. With that in mind, the Minnesota Library Association maintains a standing Legislative Committee. 

This body organizes an annual Library Legislative Day at the Capitol in Saint Paul. It is perhaps our best opportunity all year round to champion the valuable work of libraries in front of an audience well positioned to safeguard library funding. The big day is coming up fast: February 28Click here for a glimpse of next Tuesday’s on-site itinerary.

You can make your voice heard without even being present. MLA asks you to consider sending a message of support to your State Senator and House of Representatives member in conjunction with Library Legislative Day.

You may wish to familiarize yourself with MLA’s identified funding priorities (here) and tips for how to make a message effective (here). Not sure what district you reside in? We’ve got a link for that too: click here to learn who represents you in both houses, as well as how to contact their offices.

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