April brings with it one of the best opportunities all year round to celebrate and promote our public libraries. National Library Week, coordinated by the American Library Association, runs April 7-13, 2024.

Each year brings a distinct thematic focus. For this, the 66th iteration of National Library Week, that theme is "Ready, Set, Library." ALA’s design is to celebrate how, “in our always-online world, libraries are something truly special: a physical, public place to connect with others and learn new skills.”

Highlights within National Library Week include National Library Workers Day (April 9) and Take Action for Libraries Day (April 11).

ALA has helpfully provided an online primer on ways that Friends, staff and other library boosters can make the most of National Library Week. Read it here. Remember, something is better than nothing. A well-timed social media campaign or well-placed op ed letter can really make an impact!

Direct any questions you may have on National Library Week to ALA at campaign@ala.org. (If you’re a planner, you might also want to mark your calendar for next year’s dates, as well: April 6-12, 2025.)

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