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[Past] Webinar:
The Next Chapter in Used Book Sales

For many, Friends of the Library are essentially inseparable from the bonanza used book sales that many groups host for their community. While those actually involved with a group know there’s much more to Friends, there’s simply no denying the allure and fundraising potential of the tried-and-true used book sale.

That was well and good – until the pandemic. “If you think about it, in a normal year, Friends book sales are communal and tactile experiences,” explained Sue Grove, chair of MALF’s programming committee. In other words, the standard model leaves much to be desired in this new age of social distancing and contactless delivery.

This is unfortunate for short-term fundraising, of course – but consequential in other ways, too. “Libraries are continuing to weed their collections, and patrons are as keen as ever to donate their own used books to the Friends of the Library inventory,” Grove said. With physical space so often at a premium, what are Friends to do?

There is no one right answer to this question. However, Friends across Minnesota have responded to COVID-19 by adopting new and innovative sales models to keep their book backlog in check and secure at least a portion of their usual sales revenue. Some methods are proving so popular and/or lucrative that the Friends may continue those strategies long after the last pandemic restrictions are behind us!

For our first webinar of 2021, MALF is proud to showcase clever, sustainable and replicable sales strategies from all across Minnesota. Please join us Monday, April 12 (1-2:30 p.m.) for “The Next Chapter in Used Book Sales.” Attendance is FREE, but you must register (HERE) to reserve your seat for the real-time session - and for priority access to the panel recording after the fact.



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