What We Provide

- Communications | Networking -

The Minnesota Association of Library Friends boasts an active network of nearly 100 grassroots organizations. These, in turn, boast a collective reach of 20,000 members. MALF “cross pollinates” by sharing success stories and replicable ideas from this dynamic, statewide network of Friends of the Library.

In addition, MALF maintains a strong rapport with United for Libraries, the Friends arm of the American Library Association. Using this and other such connections, MALF shares best practices and emerging trends from the national scene, while also elevating Minnesota stories to national attention.

MALF believes that “all ships rise with the tide,” and we take seriously our role as a clearinghouse for information.


- Programming Portfolio - 

If we can be forgiven the use of a second proverb, MALF also believes in “teaching to fish.” We invest time, energy and money in educational programming tailored to make Friends of the Library better fundraisers, public advocates, marketers and recruiters.

We are particularly proud to be an ongoing, premier- level sponsor of the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) conference, during which we host a day-long “Friends of the Library track.” Among state library associations, such a strong Friends conference presence is the exception, rather than the rule. Moreover, MALF brings educational programming to you each fall, in the form of interactive workshops keynoted by national caliber speakers.


- Grants & Awards - 

Nearly every year sees some change to MALF’s grants and awards portfolio. This is because we strive to keep our offerings well matched to the ever-evolving needs of Friends of the Library in Minnesota.

Our flagship, and most popular, prizes include the Goss/Nordley Start-Up Grant. This stipend is intended to defray the (sometimes steep) costs associated with getting a newly minted Friends group off and running. Our second longest running award, the Evy Nordley Award, recognizes innovative and otherwise outstanding Friends programming. A third, complementary member opportunity is the Olson Event & Programming Grant, which helps Friends finance promising programming on the front end.  

In recent years, MALF has also branched into honors that are nonmonetary in nature, but reap dividends in other ways. Our “standout” initiative is the Stand Up for Standout Friends program, which has honored nearly 50 movers and shakers since 2016.

Learn more about us by downloading our one-page backgrounder, MALF at a Glance (rev. 3-27-19).



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