News You Can Use: MLA Annual Meeting Takeaways

Friends of the Library don’t operate in a vacuum, and it is to our advantage to keep up with developments impacting Minnesota’s libraries more generally. In that spirit, our board and staff have identified several recent developments from the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) that might interest you.

1. MLA has just rolled out a special Advocate category for Friends of the Library and other self-identified citizen champions of libraries. The intent is to provide non-practitioners an opportunity to add their voice to MLA’s sustained advocacy efforts at the Capitol. Dues are low, at $10/year. Membership at this new tier does not confer voting privileges or most other benefits associated with MLA membership, and is intended as a supplement to rather than a replacement for involvement with MALF or local Friends of the Library groups. Email MLA’s trustees chair Jim Weygand at jimweygand@aol.com for details.

2. MLA passed a memorial resolution in honor of long-time MLA and MALF leader Joan Larson. You can read MALF’s own obituary on Larson here.

3. An overhaul to the Association’s website (mnlibraryassociation.org) is imminent! Watch that space for updates.

4. The organization has added a Continuing Education Committee to its list of standing bodies, in recognition of the career-long importance of professional development to librarians and paraprofessionals.

Click here for additional updates on the state of the Association.