June Webinar Recap + Replay

According to The Nonprofit Times, the monetary value of a single volunteer hour could be more than $28. By this metric, the country's volunteers donate a dizzying $187.7 billion worth of their time every year! We all know that, in truth, our Friends volunteers are truly priceless. However, thought exercises like these do much to contextualize why hard-working volunteers are a rare and valued commodity – and why charities in many communities regularly compete with one another on volunteer recruitment.

Beth Steinhorn, president of VQ Volunteer Strategies, discussed this perennial challenge (and viable recruitment strategies) last month as part of MALF’s summer webinar. If you couldn't join us for "Making New Friends: Volunteer Recruitment and Cultivation," be sure to catch the 90-minute presentation and Q&A on YouTube.

Wish you’d had the opportunity to ask Steinhorn a question in real time? You will have a second chance! Stay tuned for a ‘save the date’ and details about our December webinar, in which June 23's keynote speaker will be back – this time, to offer insights and strategies around volunteer retention.