TWO Financial Literacy Grant Opportunities

Libraries proudly champion literacy – and that mandate extends far beyond traditional reading skills. Today’s libraries are also hubs for digital literacy, health literacy, and financial literacy. This last category encompasses everything from tax preparedness, to job search assistance, to personal finance classes. Unfortunately, finite staff and budget resources limit what most libraries can offer their patrons in the realm of financial literacy. We’re pleased to pass along two new grant opportunities geared towards closing that gap.

The first comes courtesy of the FINRA Foundation, the charitable arm of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Public libraries, as well as Friends of the Library who serve as official fiscal agents for their library, are invited to apply for a ≤ $50,000 grant earmarked for financial literacy efforts.

As part of this competitive application process, grantees must demonstrate a compelling need for financial literacy in their service area, and present a detailed project proposal for how the library believes it can close that gap.

Be prepared to speak to goals, strategies, timeline, outreach and marketing, partners, and evaluation intentions. Click here to learn more. Deadline is March 1, 2022.