Available Now: "Flockin' Flamingoes" - Unabridged

If you joined MALF last month for Saturday Splash, you heard in real time that Friends of the Austin Public Library is the new crown holder for the annual Evy Nordley Award. (Read more here.) Their fun, fresh and alliteratively named Flockin’ Flamingoes Fundraiser won plaudits from both our judging committee and the Saturday Splash audience.

Our only regret is that, due to the constraints of conference run time, we did not get a chance to broadcast everything that Friends president Bethie Carlton recorded for us. If you missed the original program or want a “deep dive,” you can now view the full 20-minute presentation about Flockin’ Flamingoes Fundraiser on MALF’s YouTube channel!

Click here to learn all about Austin’s project planning, execution and evaluation, including an answer to a question you never thought to ask: How many plastic flamingoes can fit in a Prius?