On Demand - One Book | One Minnesota: A Good Time for the Truth

Last week, the Minnesota Center for the Book hosted a panel of six Black writers (contributing essayists to the seminal 2016 anthology A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota) for the capstone event of the summer’s One Book | One Minnesota statewide read initiative. It was an eye-opening, poignant – and at times, sobering – look at the past and present of race in the North Star State.

You can watch the panel (ft. authors Taiyon Coleman, Shannon Gibney, David Lawrence Grant, Carolyn Holbrook, IBé, Andrea Jenkins, and A Good Time for the Truth collection editor Sun Yung Shin) here.

Inspired by what you hear, and want to cater a similar program to your community? You can!

With a topic as broad and as sensitive as racism, brave and honest conversations can be difficult to start. In recognition of this fact, organizers have curated lists of authors/speakers and discussion facilitators for libraries, Friends groups, and private workplaces to turn to for assistance.

This list includes 13 of the A Good Time for the Truth essayists, including Minnesota Book Award winners Heid E. Erdrich, Diane Wilson and Kao Kalia Yang – plus most of the names listed above. (See the complete list
 here.) Each is ready and eminently qualified to lead your group through a productive conversation around race and racism… through Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, or any number of other virtual tools. 

Click here for further details, including honorarium recommendations for invited speakers. 

Note: If you are an active member of MALF, your Friends are encouraged to consider our Chris D. Olson Event & Programming Grant as a means to cover some (and very possibly, all) expenses attendant with such a program.