MALF Welcomes Three New Directors

MALF is thrilled to close out 2020, and start up the New Year, with three new leaders. Each brings experience and a skill set that will be a major asset to our board of directors. It’s our pleasure to introduce you to each in turn:
Ed Fagerlund is a retired economist from Stillwater. He appreciates how libraries help citizens, how Friends groups help libraries, and how MALF helps Friends groups. Ed is already intimately familiar with MALF’s mission and work, having already spent one term on our board (about a decade ago). Moreover, he served as organization treasurer in 2012-2013 – a key leadership post he will return to in 2021. 

Before retirement, Ed’s diverse career in his field included time as a Peace Corps volunteer at an Ecuador credit union, and teaching economics in Kansas and Minnesota. His financial acumen will be a huge boon to MALF operations.
Marjorie (Marge) McPeak enjoyed a long and fruitful tenure with Hennepin County Library, one of the largest library systems in the country. Over the course of nearly three decades, she rotated between the Southdale, Penn Lake, Edina and Eden Prairie locations during pivotal points in those libraries’ history. (For example, Marge saw the grand opening of the 60,000-square-foot Southdale branch and the evolution of Eden Prairie from a double-wide trailer to a 10,000-square-foot building.)

After retiring in 1996, Marge moved to the Lake Vermilion area. In her new home, she has deployed her hard-won expertise on the board of the Arrowhead Regional Library system.
Carol Steele is a long-time member of the Friends of the Grand Rapids Area Library – where she spent seven years as either president or co-chair. The local Friends marked several singular achievements over her tenure. For example, attendance at annual meetings increased six-fold, due in large part to efforts enacted by Carol.

Over the National Friends of Library Week in 2013 alone, the Friends’ promotional efforts netted a +25% increase in membership. Carol's group gained a national commendation that same year from the American Library Association for their robust Friends Week efforts.

Friends of the Grand Rapids Area Library honored Carol as a Standout Friend during the MALF recognition program's debut year (2016).

WELCOME, Ed, Marge and Carol!