“Full ‘STEAM’ Ahead” Nets MALF’s 2018 Evy Nordley Award

For the second time in three years, Pipestone Area Friend of the Library came away with top prize in MALF’s annual Evy Nordley Award competition. Bestowed in recognition of outstanding Friends of the Library programs and accomplishments, MALF’s flagship honor is announced every fall at the fall Minnesota Library Association conference.

DSC_0341.JPGIn a moment of déjà vu from 2016 – when Pipestone won for innovative library/school partnership “Night at the Museum” – MALF president Nancy Guerino passed off a $1,000 check and commemorative plaque to library director Jody Wacker at the River’s Edge Convention Center in Saint Cloud.

Click here for detailed coverage of “Full ‘STEAM’ Ahead,” Pipestone’s equally impressive 2018 entry. Among other merits, MALF’s judging committee awarded this group top marks for project impact. The Friends hosted a one-day maker movement event at the Meinders Community Library, to serve as ‘proof of concept’ and justify construction of a dedicated, expensive makerspace within the Library.

Attendees turned out in droves. Moreover, this pilot allowed Pipestone Area Friends of the Library to seek – and receive – a $25,000 grant through the competitive State Farm Neighborhood Assist® program. (Out of nearly 2,000 submissions, Pipestone was selected as one of only 40 to get the full $25,000 amount.)

On October 11, MLA conference attendees also heard from runners-up Sheila DeChantal of Brainerd (“CLUE™ Book Club Murder Mystery Event”) and Kay Stait of Buffalo (“Library Outdoor Reading Space, Phase I”). No one came away empty handed. In fact, for the first time in Evy Nordley’s history, MALF recognized second and third place winners – versus two undifferentiated runners-up who each receive $250 in prize money.

Brainerd (like Pipestone, an Evy Nordley Award “alum”) took home second place and a $500 check. Click here for details on the design and implementation of both Brainerd’s and Buffalo’s projects.