United for Libraries Invites Baker & Taylor Award Noms

If your Friends group submits entries to MALF’s annual Evy Nordley Award contest, make sure that the Baker & Taylor Awards are also on your radar.

Coordinated each year by United for Libraries, this prize recognizes Friends groups (and library Foundations) who orchestrated a program or initiative sometime over the past year that impacted your library in a major way.

Two entrants will receive $1,000 each. Judging is based on the following criteria:

1. Planning: Friends/Foundation, library, and community involvement; use of resources; appropriateness of the activity; and, measurable goals and objectives.
2. Implementation: Use of resources; public relations; task monitoring; and broad membership involvement.
3. Evaluation: Assessment of activity or program; measurable results.
4. Innovation: New idea or implementation; creative involvement of people; fresh use of public relations.
5. Community Relations: Broad support by the community in planning and implementation.

Applications are due in May. Entrants must have current United for Libraries membership status to quality. 
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