Foundation Offering 2:1 Children’s Collection Funds Match

pilcrow-logo-479x210.pngIf your Friends group supports a small and rural library looking to augment its children’s book collection, consider exploring a grant from The Pilcrow Foundation. A two-to-one match is available for libraries able to secure a local sponsor willing to chip in seed money.

Specifically, the Foundation will provide $600-800 to eligible libraries able to secure $200-400 in other funding – towards the acquisition of up to $1200 worth of books (calculated at retail value). Financial support from the Friends is one such secondary funding source.

Branch libraries serving rural communities within larger library systems are welcome to apply. Libraries with annual operating budgets under $50,000 will receive funding priority. School media centers are eligible if that library doubles as a collection open to the public.

Collection development staff at libraries receiving Pilcrow Foundation funds will be asked to make selections from a curated list of over 500 hardcover, star-reviewed titles. Click here for more details, and to apply.

Direct specific questions to