National Friends of Libraries Week Award Opportunity

Did your Friends of the Library coordinate a big fundraiser, plan a membership drive, or conduct visibility efforts last week in conjunction with National Friends of Libraries Week? If so, United for Libraries wants to hear about it!

Friends who pulled off particularly successful and/or innovative tie-in activities are invited to put forward a nomination for the annual (and aptly named) National Friends of the Library Week Award. Applying is simple. Write a one- to two-page summary of what you did, and submit online to the judging committee by December 2, 2016.

Thanks to a generous partnership with the Lana and Michael Porter Foundation, at least two of the nominees that United for Libraries deems worthy will receive $250.00 prize grants for their library. Click here to learn more. If you did not get an opportunity to coordinate events this year in conjunction with the week-long Friends holiday, mark next year’s on your calendar now: October 15-21, 2017!