Kellogg Foundation Shares Your Dedication To Childhood Literacy

In many communities, the public library plays an active, vital role promoting childhood literacy – particularly when school is out for the summer, and for preschool aged children. If your Friends group is attached to such a library, you may be eligible to seek special grant assistance from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.


The Kellogg Foundation exists to support childhood education and community engagement, among several other core objectives.  In 2014 alone, the organization committed $350 million to qualified grant seekers.

A wide variety of education programs and community initiatives are eligible for Foundation support. Note, however, that  funds are not generally awarded to assist with endowments, development campaigns, research studies, or conferences. Grants will also not be given to support the operational costs of ongoing programs.

Applying is a multistep process, but taking the initial step to verify eligibility and determine Foundation interest is not hard. Click here to fill out the form. Be prepared to provide, in brief, the specific purpose for which you are seeing funding, what community needs you aim to solve, the demographic(s) you will most benefit, and how you will benchmark both progress and success.

Interested in the opportunity, but short on time this summer? Not to worry. There is no deadline. Applications for this one are accepted on an ongoing basis. Once you have submitted your materials, expect to hear back from the Kellogg Foundation within two months.