Better World Books Is Offering Enterprising Friends Groups A ‘Game Changing’ Grant

better_world_books.jpgCharity bookseller Better World Books operates on what it calls a "social enterprise" business model. Customers who place an order through that company can rest well knowing that their purchase will have an indirect but demonstrable impact on worthy literacy initiatives. Better World Books’ monetary donations to qualifying organizations have totaled $15 million to date. Unsurprisingly, libraries and their Friends are primary beneficiaries of much of this largess.

If your Friends of the Library group is looking to get a new literacy initiative off the ground any time between June 30, 2015 and January 31, 2016, Better World Books wants to help. Next month, the organization will grant up to $40,000 in support of such projects. (Contributions are capped at $15,000 per organization.)

Stipulations are few. As Better World Books notes, “the needs and opportunities of the communities libraries serve vary widely, so there are countless worthy projects to support.”

Best qualified applicants will have broad-based community support, a firm plan and timeline in place, and a track record of seeing multistage projects through to completion. Candidates who can prove that their proposed project is in some way “game changing” will get first consideration. Click here for more information.

Proposals are due no later than April 3. Winners will be notified of the outcome by May 12, and funds will be dispersed this summer. Click here to start your application!