Hon. Isabel Gomez Joins MALF Board of Directors

MALF strives to maintain a board of directors who hail from varied professional backgrounds and bring diverse skills sets to the table. This month, we are thrilled to announce the addition of the Honorable Isabel Gomez to our ranks.

welcome.jpgJudge Gomez’s distinguished legal career culminated in over two decades on the bench of Minnesota’s Fourth Judicial District (Hennepin County). She stepped down from that post in 2005, and served another three equally productive years at the helm the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission before retiring in 2008.

She is a life-long supporter of public libraries, stemming from positive experiences dating all the way back to elementary school in her native Vermont.

“Montpelier is surrounded by granite hills and, until the mid-1950s, radio and television signals barely penetrated there,” she noted. Compensating somewhat, Gomez had ready access to print media as a child, courtesy of “the Kellogg-Hubbard Library, then as now the finest building on Main Street.” A special relationship with the local youth librarian instilled an abiding love of books, and primed her pursuits in higher education.

“I believe that the human stories and expression held first in memory, then in print, now in a host of evolving media, are essential nourishment for people,” Gomez explained. “As a high school English teacher, I saw utterly unlikely students light with excitement upon encountering Odysseus and Romeo and King Lear. As a juvenile court judge, I learned that no one was better than artists at raising hope and self-esteem in youngsters starved of everything we need in order to become reasonably functional.”

Going forward, Judge Gomez is sure to be an asset to MALF’s advocacy efforts and to Friends of the Library across the state. Welcome!