One Week Until National Friends of Libraries Week

Between MALF’s seasonal workshops and the annual MLA conference, fall is a busy time for Friends of the Library in Minnesota. Even so, it’s important to remember what is happening on the national stage. October 18-24 is National Friends of Libraries Week!

National Friends of Libraries Week is sponsored and coordinated by United for Libraries, a division of the American Library Association and MALF’s national counterpart. Its intent, simply put, is to foster an environment conducive to promoting Friends groups and our important work. It doubles as an excellent opportunity for your library, Board of Trustees, or local officials to recognize your group for its ongoing support.

Naturally, this week-long celebration is an extremely customizable one. Apart from the broad mission sketched out above, appropriate ways to celebrate Friends of Libraries Week are nearly as many and varied as America’s countless Friends groups!

Indeed, in years past, these have ranged from the simple and straightforward, like week-long membership campaigns and fundraising drives, to the unexpected and sometimes wacky – like an in-library demonstration from a world champion chocolate strawberry dipper. (Yes, really!)

United for Libraries has posted on its website a number of ideas, stories, and downloadable resources to help you get started. Click here for posters, sample letters to the editor, template public proclamations, and much much more.