MALF Welcomes Kruse and DeChantal to Board of Directors

Friends groups are valuable not only for their ability to fundraise, but for their ability to marshal talented people from all walks of life on behalf of local libraries. In this same vein, MALF strives to ensure that its Board of Directors represents different regions of the state and as many professional skills sets as possible. In February, we are thrilled to welcome two new Board members to the ranks: Todd Kruse of St. Paul, and Sheila DeChantal of Brainerd.

Todd Kruse is a highly accomplished strategist and consultant. His fortes include market research, strategic planning, and economic development outreach. Several decades of this high-stakes work has given him experience with a wide variety of industries and public interests – ranging all the way from energy commodities and telecommunications to education workforce development and government IT services.

Kruse is also a respected public policy advocate. He has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies formulate their public policies, and served time as a field representative for an Iowa congressman early in his career. Kruse is thrilled to have this chance to mobilize his advocacy skills on behalf of public libraries.

Sheila DeChantal is already a familiar name to many Friends of the Library, particularly those in north central Minnesota. She is currently president of the Friends of the Brainerd Public Library (as well as an active member of the City of Brainerd Library Board).

In her time with the Friends, the group has seen record-breaking book sale figures. DeChantal also helped launch Brainerd’s highly successful “Wine and Words” dinner fundraiser. This program’s inaugural year featured not one, not two, but five popular authors. After a veritable blitz of promotions, the event surpassed all expectations. DeChantal’s team sold 180 tickets and cleared over $8,500 for the library’s use.

Without a doubt, both Kruse and DeChantal are valuable assets for MALF and the broader community of Minnesota Friends. Welcome!

If you would like to put your name forward for consideration in 2016, or would just like more information on our Board roles and committees, send an mail to our Nominating Committee at