RGK Foundation Wants To Partner With YOU!

rgk1.gifFriends of the Library have long had a friend of their own in the RGK Foundation, a national organization devoted to the advancement of youth literacy and other K-12 education initiatives.

If youth literacy is a special focus of your group’s 2014-2015 programming, the Foundation invites you to submit a Letter of Inquiry seeking a grant to offset project costs.

It’s as simple as that! A judging panel will review your request and, if interested, invite you to submit a formal project proposal. Letters are being accepted and reviewed on an ongoing basis, and the panel is next set to meet on Friday, September 19.

Please note that, ordinarily, annual galas, capital campaigns, student projects, and scholarships are ineligible for consideration. Your Friends group must also be 501(c)3 incorporated to be eligible.

For further information, including letter-writing best practices, visit the RGK Foundation’s excellent FAQ pageClick here to write and submit an ‘e-letter.’ (Looking for inspiration? Click here to read about a variety of exciting literacy projects funded to date.)