United for Libraries Invites ‘Baker & Taylor Award’ Entries

bakerandtaylor.jpgLast month, we were thrilled to launch the 2014 season of our Evy Nordley Award for Best Project by Friends of the Library. You can enter anytime between now and June 15. If you’re ahead of the game and already getting your statement and materials together, consider “doubling up” this spring by applying for United for Libraries’ coveted Baker & Taylor Award.

Like Evy Nordley, the Baker & Taylor Award program aims to recognize Friends groups and library Foundations “for outstanding efforts in support of their library.” The nationwide contest differs from others of its sort in that entries can be centered around one specific project, OR describe a number of activities hosted by a Friends group in calendar year 2013.

The number of winners varies from year to year. Each receives $1,000 and recognition at a high-profile United for Libraries event later this year.

Judging is based on the following criteria:

  • Planning: Friends/Foundation, library, and community involvement; use of resources; appropriateness of the activity; and, measurable goals and objectives.
  • Implementation: Use of resources; public relations; task monitoring; and broad membership involvement.
  • Evaluation: Assessment of activity or program; measurable results.
  • Innovation: New idea or implementation; creative involvement of people; fresh use of public relations
  • Community Relations: Broad support by the community in planning and implementation.

Submissions are due by the end of April. Winners will be notified by mid-May. Entrants must have current United for Libraries membership status through June 2014. For more information: