‘El Día de los Libros’ is Just Around the Corner!

dia.jpgOn April 30, libraries and Friends all over the country will host youth programming as part of El Día de los Niños/El Día de los Libros – a celebration of culture commonly abbreviated simply as " Día."

It’s not too late to coordinate a tie-in event of your own! Contrary to what the name might suggest, participation in “Day of the Book” does not presuppose great familiarity with Spanish language or culture. In fact, the yearly observance is not even confined to one culture. It’s become a showcase for all traditions, languages, and books that are shaping the world’s next generation of readers and leaders.

Just last year, Friends events covered the gamut alphabetically from Arabic and French all the way to Turkish and Vietnamese!

What form your cultural programming takes is largely up to you. Coordinators with the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC), part of ALA, have helpfully provided a variety of valuable free resources to get you started. These include activity materials ranging from coloring books to reading lists and logs. Posters, badges, and other publicity materials are available, too. You can also register your program with ALA’s National Día Day Registry for added publicity.

For more information, visit their website, or go straight to the organizers’ comprehensive "Resource Guide: Everything You Need to ‘Do Día.’”