MALF’s 2014 Evy Nordley Award Cycle Now Open!

Summer is just around the corner. Really! We promise. These last of the dull, wintery days offer the perfect opportunity to get a jump-start on your application for MALF’s 2014 Evy Nordley Award for Best Project by Friends of the Library.

Named after one of the organization’s founders, MALF’s highest honor is a vehicle through which member Friends groups can share their replicable ideas and success stories with peers throughout the state. Top prize is $1,000 and a custom plaque. Two runners-up will receive $250 and Certificates of Recognition.

Almost any Friends-support project is eligible – including efforts jointly sponsored or developed by the library or another institution. Common project types include membership drives, fundraising campaigns, marketing or rebranding success stories, and technology collaborations. But the sky is the limit! Click the links below for more information on applying.

Looking to learn a little more about the Award’s history or its namesake, Evy Nordley? Browse the resources below:

Submissions are due June 15, 2014. Finalists will be notified, and asked to give a ten-minute presentation describing the design, development and impact of their Friends effort during the annual conference of the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) on October 8-9, 2014, in Mankato, Minn.