Timely Alternatives to Library Legislative Day

We can spout statistics, show pictures, and give examples illustrating the value public libraries offer, but what legislators want above all else is to hear the voices of their constituents.

If you can’t make it to St. Paul for next month’s activities, there are still ways to make your voice heard around Library Legsiative Day. And if you are from a library represented by the Plum Creek or Pioneerland regional library system, you can do so in a new and very innovative way!

Shelly Grace, executive director of SAMMIE (Southwest Area Multicounty Multitype Interlibrary Exchange), is currently coordinating a grassroot campaign in which patron advocates in southwest Minnesota are invited to fill out a special Library Legislative Day postcard and leave it at their local branch. SAMMIE will collect these and see that they get to the Capitol in early March.

Please try to get your postcard submitted by the end of the month. (Libraries need to gather and mail their collections to SAMMIE no later than Monday, March 3.)


Click to download:

Direct any questions you may have to Shelly Grace at 507-532-9013.

Letter campaigns have proven time and again to be a very effective tool. Of course, you can send them year-round, no matter which part of the state you hail from. Click here to find out who represents you, and how best to contact them.