Goodbye and Heartfelt Thanks

As they say, January is a time of new beginnings – and not just a new calendar year. For MALF, it marks the start of a new membership year, a new events cycle, and the welcoming in of new members to the Board of Directors. Some changes are more bittersweet, however. MALF must also say goodbye to two leaders, Debby Frenzel and Mary Ann Sandeen.

Debby Frenzel joined our ranks in January 2014. She is a long-time citizen advocate for libraries and a past secretary of the Friends of the Maple Grove Library. Frenzel served both on MALF’s finance committee and programming committee. The latter saw something of a banner year in 2014. Sandeen proved instrumental in organizing our fall workshop series, which drew a record number of attendees to five sites across the state.

Mary Ann Sandeen joined the Board the same month. She is an accomplished Friend, having served as both president of the Friends at the Stillwater Public Library and founder of the Stillwater Public Library Foundation. She is also a past president of the Stillwater Public Library Board of Trustees. Like Frenzel, Sandeen brought her talent and experience to bear on MALF’s programming committee. Her organizing efforts were particularly felt at the large St. Cloud workshop session on September 27.

Thank you for all your hard work, and best of luck in all your future endeavors!