New Membership Perk: MALF's 'Once Upon a Reader' Match

If you’ve been a Friend of the Library for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a “one book” or “community reads” program. The one-book initiative has quickly taken root in cities, counties, and schools across the country, and it’s easy to understand why. The premise is simple – promote literacy and community connectedness through a large-scale book club – yet endlessly customizable. 
This fall, Minnesota is surging to the forefront of this growing movement, and we want YOU to be a part of it. The Council of Regional Public Library System Administrators (CRPLSA), using start-up funds from the Minnesota Arts & Cultural Heritage Fund, is rolling out the first ever statewide one-book program geared towards children.The program, dubbed “Once Upon a Reader,” is geared towards preschoolers in particular. The book chosen for Once Upon a Reader’s inaugural year is Moo!, written by Minnesota author David LaRochelle and illustrated by Minnesota artist Mike Wohnoutka.

Once Upon a Reader, 2014-2015While the initiative is in fact a statewide one, there is room for customization on the local level. CRPLSA is making available four activity packages for purchase by local libraries and Friends groups. There’s something for every budget; a steering committee made up by librarians from across Minnesota have ensured there are enriching and entertaining items available at a variety of price points. (See below.)
In our continuing efforts to promote the work of Friends, MALF is pleased to offer members a match to offset Once Upon a Reader costs. That's right -- we'll reimburse half your costs! Purchase two Take-Home Play Kits at a total cost of $200, and MALF will reimburse you $100. Order a Vacation Scrapbook and a Milk and Cookie Storytime Kit at a total cost of $145, and MALF will reimburse you $72.50 - and so on. The combinations are endless!
Matches will be capped at three (3) items and/or $300 per Friends group. Please remember that eligibility is contingent on current MALF membership. Participating in Once Upon a Reader through this special offer is simple. Place an order online through the program’s website, Print a copy of your receipt or order confirmation form and mail it to us with this completed form. We will remit reimbursement within 30 business days. MALF’s total match fund is $3,000, so order today!

Once Upon a Reader – 2014/2015
Moo!, by David LaRochelle and Mike Wohnoutka

Cow Scavenger Hunt / $20 – This passive program allows even the smallest library to take part in Once Upon a Reader. Simply hide the animals around the library and make the scavenger hunt lists available to families to complete while in the library. 
Cow's Vacation Scrapbook / $40 – This self-contained passive program allows families to borrow a plush cowFamilies take Cow home in her special backpack that contains a scrapbook with places for drawing, writing stories, and adding photographs of the adventures that kids and Cow have together. This program encourages families to Talk, Play, Read, Write and even Singtogether as encouraged by ECRR2, and will include early literacy information for parents. 

Take Home Play Kit / $100 – This kit is for libraries to circulate to families and care providers. It will include a copy of Moo! and five toys, puppets or manipulatives that support the five practices and six skills outlined in ECRR and ECRR2, along with information for parents and caregivers on early literacy. 
Milk and Cookie Storytime Kit / $105 – These “Storytime in a box” kits include books, a manipulative, and storytime outlines that are suited to a variety of ages. Outlines will be customizable, and include best practices for storytime using ALA’s Every Child Ready to Read early literacy platform.