Catch Up On What You Missed at the ’13 ALA Annual Conference


Bibliophiles everywhere will tell you that much of their joy for reading stems from a desire to act and learn vicariously through a book’s characters.

Librarians, Friends and trustees unable to attend the annual ALA Conference this month in Chicago can put that same skill to good use, thanks to wonderful wrap-up and summary materials compiled and posted by the host organization.

Click here for a description and discussion of the exciting weekend’s many preconferences, exhibitions, panels, and speeches by such notables as Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual, authors Khaled Hosseini and Ann Pratchett, and ALA President Maureen Sullivan.

At final count, an impressive 26,362 registrants attended the Conference this year. Even so, that leaves thousands of library and literacy professionals (not to mention Friends) who could not be physically present this year. Feel free to share this resource widely.

And, in case you were wondering…

ALA’s next big national conference, the annual Midwinter Meeting, is slated for January 24-28, 2014, in Philadelphia, PA. The Next Annual Conference will take place June 26-July 1 in Las Vegas, NV.