Tutoring Opportunity for Friends of the Library

readingcorps.pngIf there’s one thing Friends of the Library seem to be universally good at, it is spreading their appreciation for and love of books and reading. The Minnesota Reading Corps, a state-wide program organized under AmeriCorps (often called the ‘domestic Peace Corps’), is looking for volunteers just like you to tutor and foster a love of reading in Minnesota schoolchildren. 

Over the 2013-14 academic year, the Minnesota Reading Corps and its sister organization, the Minnesota Math Corps, is looking to place 1,000 tutors in schools where children are identified as needing a little extra support. The goal is ambitious, but reachable. The Minnesota Reading Corps already has a presence in over 500 elementary schools, preschools, and head start centers across the state.

As a tutor, you will receive hands-on training in research-based strategies, bolster your career network, and become eligible for financial awards to further your own educations. If you become heavily involved, you may also be eligible for a living allowance.

Of course, the biggest and best award is knowing you are having a positive and tangible impact on your community. With your help, we will be one step closer to ensuring that Minnesota’s youth are successful readers by the end of the third grade and proficient in math by the end of eighth.

For more information on the Minnesota Reading Corps, AmeriCorps, and the tutoring opportunity, visit MinnesotaReadingCorps.org, or email recruitment@mnedc.org. Note: MRC is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by MALF.