Checking in With Evy Nordley Winner ‘Friends of Ramsey County Libraries,’ One Year Later

Are you and the Friends of the Library group you work with particularly proud of a membership drive, fundraising promotion, or communications campaign pulled together in the last year?

Enter it for consideration in MALF’s 2013 Evy Nordley Award for ‘Best Project by Friends of the Library’ cycle! Top prize is $1000 and a beautiful custom plaque. (Two runners-up will walk away with $250 and a Certificate of Recognition.) Entries are being accepted now through June 15, 2013.

“The process is not at all complicated,” said Nancy Guerino, President of Friends of Ramsey County Libraries, last year’s winner. “I’d definitely recommend that Friends consider entering their projects.”

Winners are announced and congratulated each year as part of the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) conference held in the fall. But, notes Guerino, winners will reap dividends for a long time thereafter. “The award money helped tremendously with our operating budget,” helping to ensure that program’s continuance, she said.

You can read about Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries’ award-winning project, “Help Someone Become the Next Andrew Carnegie,” in detail, by clicking here. Here’s a high-level overview.

  • The Board elected to craft a fundraising campaign targeted not at donors or would-be donors themselves, but at an important middleman demographic: probate and trust attorneys. The chief objective was to make these lawyers aware that clients can make provisions for their local and/or favorite library in their wills.
  • Guerino and her cohorts created informative and high-quality brochures and other collateral materials summarizing the most pertinent legal information.
  • The FOL group coordinated with the organizers of an important annual Probate & Trust Law Conference in St. Paul to set up an information booth in the RiverCentre convention center’s concourse thoroughfare. Volunteers stationed at the booth attracted foot traffic between panels and explained to these attorneys in detail the library donation options open to their clients. They also passed out the brochures.

“We talked to about 900 attorneys from all across Minnesota,” Guerino said. “They reacted very positively to the idea of including public libraries in legacy gifts.”

Thanks in part to the publicity and added capital provided by the 2012 Evy Nordley win, ‘Help Someone Become the Next Andrew Carnegie,’ is going strong into 2013. “We already have an exhibitor’s booth for the Minnesota State Bar Association Annual Probate & Trust Law Conference this June,” Guerino said.

Ramsey County’s story is an inspiring one, but does not suggest that certain types of projects are preferred by MALF for Evy Nordley consideration. A wide variety of projects are eligible and encouraged! For a complete list of admissibility requirements and entry instructions, click here



Tagline: "The Friends of the Ramsey County Libraries Invities You to Leave a Legacy of Literacy."