Donate to MALF Nov. 15 – GiveMN’s Annual “Give to the MAX” Day!

One of MALF's core objectives is to facilitate communications between and help share resources among the many Friends of Libraries organizations in Minnesota. Central to that mission is the notion of collaboration. In other words - as is the case with so many non-profits, of all types and sizes - the more you put into it, the more you get out!

To this end, there are a number of ways library friends, staff and trustees can engage with MALF. In fact, these are as many as they are varied: Follow and converse with us on social media. Share a fact sheet or library-related happening that might be of interest to the state's library and literary community. Submit a bid for our annual Evy Nordley Best Project Award.

Another excellent way you can contribute to the continued vitality of MALF is by making a financial donation.

While such support is, of course, appreciated year round, there’s no better time to give than Thursday, November 15 – GiveMN’s annual “Give to the MAX” Day. Make preparations to donate now, or read the details below. 


GiveMN has been called - with good reason - the future of e-philanthropy. First launched in 2009 by a 15-member coalition headed by the Minnesota Community Foundation, the multifaceted website is a boon to both non-profits and would-be donors in Minnesota. The website features a page for each of the state’s non-profit ventures and hosts an easy-to-use platform for making online donations.

To date, the innovative platform has facilitated donations of upwards of $48 million dollars, to thousands of worthy organizations! Moreover, last year, during the day designed by GiveMN as “Give to the Max” Day, donors gave $13 million in just a 24-hour window!

Donate to MALF for Give to the MAX Day 2012

MALF has been one such beneficiary in the past. If you are thinking of donating to a library or literacy-related cause this year or next, please consider MALF and Give to the Max Day 2012.

Why November 15? The more people that make contributions to MALF on Give to the Max Day, the better our chances at winning a number of grant prizes set aside by GiveMN just for the occasion.

Visit and bookmark our page now!

For more information on Give to the Max Day and how you can help MALF through GiveMN, consider: