Help Ensure Access To Effective School Library Programs. Sign The Petition.

Now's the chance to do your part in the legislative process. 

A petition on the White House's Website asks for school library funding through a provision in the reauthorization of the Elementary & Secondary Education Act.  The petition - available here - stands at 6,384 signatures.  Help reach the ultimate goal of 18,616 and sign on!



Every child in America deserves access to an effective school library program. We ask that the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) provide dedicated funding to help support effective school library programs. Such action will ensure more students have access to the resources and tools that constitute a 21st century learning environment. Reductions in school library programs are creating an ‘access gap’ between schools in wealthier communities versus those where there are high levels of poverty. All students should have an equal opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to learn, to participate, and to compete in today’s world.

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