The MLF Silent Auction Wants You!

(Actually, we want your donations.)

Top Ten Reasons to Donate to the 
Minnesota Library Foundation Silent Auction


That garden gnome you got for a wedding gift could hang out in someone else’s yard.


It’s a good cause. What other reason do you need?


You can finally get that lava lamp from Aunt Melba out of the basement.


Bragging rights when your donated item brings in big bucks.


One librarian’s junk is another librarian’s treasure.


It’s your chance to get that big-bucks neighbor of yours who’s always telling you that he wants to help libraries to fork over something of value—like airline tickets or a gift card to a five-star restaurant.


You could probably get that really talented consultant you know to donate a few hours of his or her time and expertise—if you just waive his or her overdue fines.


It’s your chance to finally get rid of that cheesy photo of the “shushing” librarian.


It’s easy! Use the Silent Auction contribution form to donate. Completed forms may be faxed to 651-649-3169 and donations may be dropped off before October 1st at the Melsa office at 1619 Dayton Avenue, Ste 314, in St. Paul, MN.

...and the number one reason to donate to the Silent Auction:

You are supporting the Minnesota Library Foundation, which helps fund the Institute for Leadership Excellence (MILE), supports the Minnesota Book Awards, and provides small grants to libraries across the state.
Thank you.

Angie Petrie & Margaret Stone
Silent Auction co-chairs
Minnesota Library Foundation

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