Joining MALF promotes the free exchange of ideas among Friends of the Library groups in Minnesota and helps MALF to carry out its mission.

Resources include:

  • Grant opportunities for new Friends groups or applicants for non-profit status
  • An opportunity to apply for The Evy Nordley Award for Best Project of the Year by Friends of the Library
  • Web site with forms, updates and answers for Friends
  • Publications, advice, a consultant for Friends issues
  • A voice for local Friends groups in support of Minnesota libraries


Created by our parent group, United for Libraries, the tips and lists linked below should provide an excellent place to begin.  (If you are already an old hand, look at some of the retention and revitalization sheets.)  MALF wishes to express its gratitude for the work done by United for Libraries on behalf of us all.

Additionally, you may find valuable a vareity of Minnesota-specific resources we've grouped towards the bottom. Remember, if you need something and can't find it here, you can always email us at info@mnlibraryfriends.org.

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United for Libraries




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