Captain Planet Foundation Offers ecoSTEM Kits

STEM learning is a priority of youth services librarians everywhere. However, finding and funding exciting, engaging STEM activities can be a challenge. If this sounds relatable, your Friends group might want to look into the Captain Planet Foundation’s readymade ecoSTEM kits. While these are available for purchase, a limited number are also available free of charge to schools and nonprofits.

At this time, four kits are in production. These include a water kit (with water composition and quality monitoring equipment); energy kit (with solar cells, a mini wind turbine, and infrared thermometers); a pollinator kit (with milkweed seeds, butterfly rearing house, and caterpillars); and a composting kit (including worms and a mushroom farm starter).

Click here for more information on each option - plus details on when and how to apply. The Captain Planet Foundation also offers a variety of other grant opportunities worth checking out.