Changes to MALF Membership Calendar Take Effect Dec. 31 – Act Now!

Beginning in January, in order to more effectively serve Friends of Libraries, MALF is changing to a membership year equal to the calendar year. (Previously, themembership year for each member began on the date payment was made.) 

As we transition, every individual or group signing up or renewing from now until New Year’s will be given membership for the rest of December, as well as for all of 2013. At the close of the month, all members who are not already renewed will be asked to renew for calendar year 2013. 

Looking to check some things off your list while the month is young? Simply fill out this easy form, and we will invoice you.

Not sure about your or your Friends organization’s current membership status? Send your inquiry to info@mnlibraryfriends.org.

Are you a current member with a different question or concern about the new changes? If you’d prefer, please do not hesitate to call MALF Treasurer Ed Fagerlund at 651-366-6492.

Annual membership dues will remain unchanged.

  • Individual MALF member -  $10
  • Friends of Library group - $25
  • Library or other group - $25
  • Patron - $50
  • Sponsor - $100
  • Sustaining - $250+