Watch Free Webinar on Advocating Effectively for Libraries in Today’s Political Climate

This October, as part of its annual conference in downtown St. Paul, the Minnesota Library Association brought in congressional strategist and veteran lobbyist Stephanie Vance as keynote speaker. Vance is hailed in Washington and beyond as the “Advocacy Guru” and the “Advocate’s Advocate.” Drawing from her extensive experience on Capitol Hill, Vance laid out how libraries of all types and sizes can reach their fullest potential by mobilizing grassroots support and lobbying effectively on the local and state government levels. 

Many of Vance’s central talking points are available to everyone in condensed form on her website, advocacyguru.com, and in “long form” in her two most recent books: "The Influence Game" and "Government by the People: How to Communicate with Congress."

On Monday, Nov. 19 – in the wake of the election cycle – the ALA Washington Office hosted Vance for “Connecting with the New Congress,” a special webinar dealing specifically with the 2012-2013 political scene and what library advocates can expect during the current lame duck period and once the 113th U.S. Congress meets for the first time in January 2013.

Webinar topics included: making strong cost-benefit arguments on behalf of your library in the current political climate; tying in your library’s needs with today’s hot-button legislative issues; issues that the 112th Congress is likely to address in December; and, where congressional priorities in 2013-2015 are likely to lie.

Courtesy of the ALA Washington office, Vance’s Nov. 19 presentation is now available online for free to all interested parties. You can view the lecture in its entirety, and download valuable reference materials, by clicking here.