Ramsey County Installs Electric Car-Charging Station at Roseville Library

For many library patrons – and, indeed, even for some library systems – e-readers and loanable e-books are still cutting-edge technology. The perception is an understandable one, considering that it was less than a decade ago that Amazon introduced its first generation Kindle.

But “cutting edge” is a very relative term. Even as some systems are slow to adopt and expand their e-book catalogs, the forward-thinking, seven-branch Ramsey County library system is breaking new ground in an entirely different area.

Thursday, Oct. 25, Ramsey County opened its first library electric car-charging station at its Roseville branch, 2180 North Hamline Ave. 

MinnPost reports that the costs are being set at $3 for up to three full hours of charging, and $1 additional for each subsequent hour of charging.

Ramsey County is, of course, not the first in the nation to install car-charging stations at civic hubs. At least in terms of doing so at a library, however, they are very much an early adapter.  

Over the course of the next year, the county plans to add more (perhaps as many as five) charging stations elsewhere in its borders. One of the additional sites is likely to be the Ramsey County Library's Maplewood branch, 3025 Southdale Drive.

To find out where the nearest car-charging station is to you (library or otherwise), or to track this trend’s promising growth, visit carstations.com.